HRD Professional Race Car Electronics

We are authorized installers and distributors of MOTEC, AIM, Emtron and other fine Motorsport electronics. We also do custom wiring.

Professional race car electronics
Knowledge is power, and when it comes to the track, having as much data as possible at your disposal means that you can extract the necessary information to maximize your performance to shed precious tenths of seconds off of your lap times. A properly optioned out data logging system will allow you to review your performance on the track and see what can be done to go faster by braking later, carrying more speed through a corner, and getting on the throttle sooner to exit faster. 
Not only does a proper system benefit you, the driver, it also benefits the car by providing valuable telemetry to properly setup the suspension. Furthermore, a properly designed data acquisition system will provide driver coaches with vast amounts of information that will be extraordinarily helpful in assisting a driver to improve their performance and extract maximum performance out of their cars.
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