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Heinlein Racing Development’s experience comes from the extraordinarily competitive worlds of ALMS, Grand-Am, IMSA, and World Challenge. Environments where attention to detail and innovation distinguish those that come to win and those at the back of the pack. Over that time we have cultivated a plethora of clever techniques to engineer our cars to go faster than the competition. As a result, whether our clients are racing in a professional series or simply club racing, our customers’ cars receive the same level of attention to detail and engineering.

Our attention to detail is not only limited to overall speed, it extends to all aspects of our cars from chassis development, electronics, engine performance, safety, and aerodynamic aids. Not all cars are created equal. 

Heinlein Racing Development is a company of racers, we truly understand the difference between cars that look the part versus those that truly perform the part, and it is our responsibility to educate our customers to be able to distinguish the difference between the two. Let us introduce you to the world of racing and allow you to extract the maximum performance out of your race car!

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The Ultimate Goal Remains the Same: Winning