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HRD Professionsal Street & Track Modifications

Regardless of what it is, it can always perform better! Whether it is your new street car that doesn’t brake sufficiently, or the suspension is too soft, or it just doesn’t have enough power, Heinlein Racing Development can help you turn your soft and slow street car into a formidable car. Or perhaps, you purchased a used track car and it just doesn’t perform as you expect and you’d like to extract more performance out of the platform, our years of experience in the racing world translate to cars that perform superior to the competition and maintain reliability.
997GT3Cup 320x200Allow us to provide you with various options through our vast network of performance company relationships to point you in the right direction.
Examples of Heinlein Racing Development’s modification services:
• Upgrade Suspension
• Upgrade Brakes
• Upgrade Engine Calibration (Performance Software)
• Install Performance Exhaust
• Install Forced Induction Systems
• …and much more!
Contact Heinlein Racing Development today to discuss what we can do for you to allow your car to perform as best as possible!